Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Introduction 2

As my close friend Levon already stated in the above article, him and I come from different worlds yet somehow, in that special Armenian way (yes loooots of yelling) we manage to reach a common ground.
Many of our conflicts arise from the differences of how we see Armenia and Armenians in the past, present, and of course in the future.
Be sure that you will read about all of the important and unimportant topics that Armenians care about. Topics ranging from fields of politics, history, language, to every day life topics of how the Armenians drive in Glendale.
Our goal is to unite Armenians everywhere, and make us understand each other better, thus making us stronger.

Yes we are both very hairy


Hello everybody in the Blogosphere,
For quite some time now I've been addicted to Armenian blogs. Everything diaspora blogs to Armenia blogs to Glendale blogs, I can't help but read up on what Armenians around the world have to say. But I see an absence in the Armenian blogoshpere that I hope my blog will fill.
The Armenian diaspora has spread around the world; Armenians are everywhere, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Singapore. Up to this point I've always associated the Armenian diaspora with western Armenians; those who were forced to flee the genocide, a sort of conventional diaspora. I'm a part of this, my parents grew up in the middle east and I was born in Los Angeles.
Yet there is a new, interesting dynamic in the Armenian diaspora going on, the influx of eastern Armenians, particularly hayastantsis. Here in LA I'm surrounded Western, eastern, hayastantsi, parskahaye, beirutsi, and I see all of them as being Armenian. This blog attempts to show the dynamic, my close friend Arman, born in Armenia and now lives in Glendale, will represent the "east" while I would naturally be "west." I hope this can show everybody how even though Armenians have differences, we still get along just fine.