Sunday, September 24, 2006

Armenia-Diaspora Conference

The latest Armenia-Diaspora Conference went underway last week with a resounding success (if you define success as getting a bunch of Armos together in one room to do what they do best: talk). I honestly didn't follow it too much, but I did hear about Catholicos Aram I and his speech denouncing the government and corruption. That was nice to hear, but about every year it's the same old same old. This, along with the Conference on Dual Citizenship, was the big meeting this year between Armenia and its Diaspora. I really don't see too much coming out of either conferences, but the Armenia Diaspora conference DID include a section devoted to rural development, which was Kocharian going up on stage and proclaiming that Armenia needs more money... you have to give it to the prezo, he's a straight shooter.

I was just sad that I couldn't attend the conference. I know I know... with all the dirt that I'm throwing it sounds weird, but it would be hilarious to be in that room. Just think of it, everybody who is anybody in the Armenian spectrum is in one room and they all want to get their ego trips out. I only get a watered down version of this as I go to the ArmeniaFund telethon... but that is for a good cause whereas this is just... well... like I said, ego trips.. and networking, can't forget about networking. But yea, I heard that some (if not most) of the people were sleeping during the conference.. just another reason to attend!

The apparently boring conference was followed by an apparently cool military parade to celebrate Armenia's 15 years of independence. Now that's a way to celebrate a holiday, forget fireworks...