Thursday, May 25, 2006


So I haven't blogged in a while and suddenly realized that I'm wasting this blog so I'm back. Update on my life-I have two weeks left in school and a month before I go to DC. Now on to more subjects, yallah:

I was reading up on some reviews for the latest X-Men movie and for the Da Vinci Code and was unimpressed by what the two movies have to offer. To start off, X-Men still seems stuck on the one problem it has had since the first movie: too many characters and not enough development. Granted there is a good amount of development on its main characters, Wolverine, but it brushes off on those who are quite important in the comics, Cyclops. I read that in the latest movie Angel is wasted along with a couple of other new characters; now if wasting a character isn't annoying enough, they go and put pictures of Angel on their advertisements, I hate when they do that. That's just going to lead to disappointment.

Da Vinci Code seems like a movie that was quickly put together in order to take advantage on the popularity of the book (aka make money) but without giving too much thought into the actual story. Same old same old, Hollywood making crap movies to make money (summer blockbuster). Ok ok I seem like a snob now so I'll concede... I haven't seen either film so I am not qualified to comment, so take my review with a grain of salt (since I have so many people reading my blog). However, I wouldn't be surprised if I go see the movies and I'm right (I'll see X-Men). So for all the hate mail (er.. hate comments) that I will or will not get, save it :).

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Well I usually refrain from making posts like "today I feel sad" or "yesterday I went shopping, Ill update when I come back". WHY? Because I think it is stupid, uninformative, and usless. No one (except friends and family) cares (or even should) if I am happy, sad, or if I am going shopping or swimming. Unfortunatly for me and for people who feel like me ( and I know A LOT OF THEM) majority of blogs are full of such posts.

Now today though I have to kinda post such a "thread" if you will, because I am really, really happy. Yesterday I and Levon went to the AEO and AOA (Armenian fraternity and sorority) formal, which started at 8pm and lasted till 2am, plus it generated two afterparties which I could not make it to, since I had work at 8am. It was a splendid event and the people who put it together deserve a round of applause. People came, drank, dined, and danced (well mostly danced) all night. Since I also hate dancing and love taking videos/pictures I recorded the event.

So why did I post about my happiness? Well because I AM HAPPY THAT 300 HAYASTANZIS, PARSKAHAYS, AND BEIRUTSIS, got together under one roof, drank, had fun, AND NO FIGHTS BROKE OUT!!!! This is the beuity of AEO, and this is how IT SHOULD BE; ALWAYS!!!
Unfortunatly today nearly every Armenian "restaurant event" ends with a shameful fight over some STUPID CRAP. And Armenians from different backgrounds cant get together and make something good happen. We are a solid proof that it is possible. That is why I am happy and that is why this post is up.

BTW AEO received a Thank You letter from the California assembly memeber thanking us for our achievments in the community.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well now that Arman has calmed down I think I can go ahead with my blog here. At my university elections are currently under way for student government, and I have to say it is quite a mess. Two candidates for president, one is for a fresh start, the other supported by the incumbents aka the establishment and both are people I know. So I suppose it is inevitable that if you show support for one person you're going to piss off the other guy and it is unfortunate that it turned out this way for our situation.

To top it off the candidate that I chose not to support is Armenian, so apparently I crossed the line here. Most of the Armenians on campus.... all of the Armenians on campus are voting for the Armenian candidate, why? Because he is Armenian of course! What better reason is there? I'm all for Armenian solidarity here, but there is a line. So what if the candidate you vote for does not do anything for the Armenian cause and just seems to pursue his goals, is it still right to vote for him since he is Armenian, or since you know the guy?

Don't get me wrong here, I support Armenian political candidates. Here in LA there's an Armenian candidate for State Assembly, Paul Krekorian. This guy does a lot for the community and is quite qualified to be a State Assemblyman. Be sure to visit his website:

So I treat this as a case by case scenario, and in the case of my school's elections, I'm sad to see a lot of Armenians voting for a candidate that probably won't do much in return for the cause or isn't even that great of a candidate to begin with.