Sunday, May 14, 2006


Well I usually refrain from making posts like "today I feel sad" or "yesterday I went shopping, Ill update when I come back". WHY? Because I think it is stupid, uninformative, and usless. No one (except friends and family) cares (or even should) if I am happy, sad, or if I am going shopping or swimming. Unfortunatly for me and for people who feel like me ( and I know A LOT OF THEM) majority of blogs are full of such posts.

Now today though I have to kinda post such a "thread" if you will, because I am really, really happy. Yesterday I and Levon went to the AEO and AOA (Armenian fraternity and sorority) formal, which started at 8pm and lasted till 2am, plus it generated two afterparties which I could not make it to, since I had work at 8am. It was a splendid event and the people who put it together deserve a round of applause. People came, drank, dined, and danced (well mostly danced) all night. Since I also hate dancing and love taking videos/pictures I recorded the event.

So why did I post about my happiness? Well because I AM HAPPY THAT 300 HAYASTANZIS, PARSKAHAYS, AND BEIRUTSIS, got together under one roof, drank, had fun, AND NO FIGHTS BROKE OUT!!!! This is the beuity of AEO, and this is how IT SHOULD BE; ALWAYS!!!
Unfortunatly today nearly every Armenian "restaurant event" ends with a shameful fight over some STUPID CRAP. And Armenians from different backgrounds cant get together and make something good happen. We are a solid proof that it is possible. That is why I am happy and that is why this post is up.

BTW AEO received a Thank You letter from the California assembly memeber thanking us for our achievments in the community.


Varty said...

arman, you were at the formal too? so sad...everyone but me was there. =(

Arman said...

Yup I was there, but I did not dance nor I got drunk. Also 3 VERY good looking girls pulled from my hand to go and dance with them, and I did not because I was taping the whole thing.
I AM NOT GAY, just really passionate about video taping:)
When I told this to my sis she said that I need to see a doctor.

Varty said...

aww sounds you had a very lame night.

random, but i want to go dancing.

and yes you need to see a doctor, but for many reason.

Varty said...

typo in the last one.."sound like"*

Levon said...

HAH! Arman you suck!

Arman said...

Levon I might suck in general but you suck male reproductive organs. HAH

chris said...


chris said...

Oh yah, the formal was fun too. i was F!@#$ up.

Tania said...

For all you LA people. Paul Krekorian's campaign has reached it's 11th hour, and they need you. I am organizing a canvass for Sunday June 4th, to go out to the neighborhood and ask people to vote. So let your people know, and call the office at (818)500-7139, let me know, or just show up to the campaign office on Sunday.
So I am hoping then to see guys from the frat.

As a side note, you might have read the crap that was written about Paul in today's paper. Well, just for your info this is typical armenians back stabbing armenians. Areen Keshishian the only Armenian guy who works for Quintero's campaign, got his mom Meri Keshishian, the woman in the cover of the news press, to make up all this crap about Paul. So come and help next week, and come out on Sunday, so that we can show that Armenians are truly united, and stunts like this don't work on us.