Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Self Hating "Armenian"

Dear readers I usualy dont like to resort to personal insults but this Shoghig charachter has left me no choice. As you know because of her treacherous remarks on our blog I had to go into offensive in order to make sure that people know that constant Armenia and Armenian bashing for NO REASON BY ARMENIANS will not be tolarated. Here is her page and her last post regarding our conflict.

Read it and read the posts before it here and on her page and you be the judge. Here is my response to her last post on April 25, 2006 @ 10:39 pm
Please respond to the post dont be shy, I want to see how other people think.

In my life I saw many types of people. That includes Armenians of all types and political backgrounds. But you, Shoghig, you belong to a very special, very unique, and THANK GOD very small group of diasporans that hate Armenia with passion. You are telling me to get of my high horse? I am not even on one, but you surely are. Please do not use words like “WE” and “OUR” when you talk about the Diaspora. Haters like you do not represent the will of the overwhelming number of the PROUD diaspora Armenians. How do I know that? Simple I lived with them in Armenia and I live with them here.

First things first; stop flip flopping. Decide what you want from your life. One day you want the help to Armenia to be stopped, the other day you want respect, then you say that you hate Armenia, but later say that you dont really hate it and you dont hate hayastantzis. WELL YOU HAVE TO SHOW RESPECT TO GET RESPECT, when you approach people with a mindset that you are better then them and that you are different then them don’t expect much respect. Stop the bullshit about how people looked down on your Western Armenian dialect, Armenians in Armenia are used to hearing that for many years now and no self-respecting Armenian will give a damn which Armenian you are using. Maybe you have some kind of paranoia, thinking that people around you hate you, see a doctor. You have absolutely nothing to say, no excuses, no reason for your hate of Armenia, so you just come up with this crap.

Let me tell you that you are bringing up an issue that has been long dead and buried; the issue of “aghpars” vs. locals. It was buried because locals emigrated and kind of became “aghpars” themselves. Now its more of the opposite, it’s some of the first and second generation Armenians who by their thinking belong to your class, that go around talking how they don’t like the newcomers because the newcomers achieve all what they, the first and second generation Armenians, could not achieve in so many years. But again thank God that these type of diaspora “Armenians” don’t show their ugly heads around too much.

Want to know the story of why the whole “aghpars” vs. locals verbal beef started? I can tell you because unlike your family, which for some weird reason did not want to talk about this, my “aghpar” and local family told me about it. You see when Armenians started to return to THEIR homeland near the end of WW2, Soviet Armenia, they usually came from places where people lived relatively better than Armenians in Armenia. That was obvious because Soviet Armenia was in war and no other Allied country suffered as much as USSR did, so the goods and a good education were scarce. Some of the newcomers (norekogh) started to act in a same way that you and some other diaspora Armenians act today, they started to look down upon the locals, calling them uneducated, unmannered, and all kinds of other stupid stuff like “giughatsi hayastantsi” (hey just like now days). It is true that lots of Armenians in Armenia were uneducated, poor, and sometimes even lacked manners, but hey these guys just barely came out of a horrible war plus Stalin’s repressions were still hanging over their heads. So the locals started to fight back, mainly making fun of the newcomers’ dialect, where the new comers could not use the word AGHPER (brother) correctly and instead called each other AGHPAR, hence newcomer and aghpar became synonyms, although people knew that calling newcomers aghpar was derogatory. This social feud started to calm down year by year as newcomers and locals intermarried and finally it disappeared in the 90’s as people started to emigrate and ex locals now became “aghpars” themselves. These type of social feuds happen all the time everywhere, just ask what a Northern Italian thinks about the Southern Italian, or East German about a West German or vice versa. That of course does not make it correct but it is part of human nature and there is nothing that you, with your inadequate brain, can do about it.

STOP TALKING IN THE NAME OF THE DIASPORA. I and Levon (a typical non Dashnak diasporan) can’t agree on a lot of things, but Levon and the overwhelming majority of diaspora Armenians know one thing, they have a homeland, and they are proud of it. True that the homeland is ruled by toilet wipes but at least we have a homeland, that is what makes a diaspora a Diaspora. Otherwise we would have been like the Assyrians, Gypsies, or like the Kurds; just groups of people spread around the world with nothing binding. You want to talk and write in your own dialect while in Armenia and you accuse Armenia of “killing” Western Armenian, go ahead nobody is holding you back, just use Eastern Armenian in your official communications. Well missy I studied BRITISH English in Armenia but here in US I had to adopt and learn US English. I think British English sounds better and US English is easier and sometimes it butchers words for sake of easiness, but hey I accepted it and moved on. You and your kind, who are a minority, want to tell the majority what language to speak. Eastern Armenian (which is used for 120+ years IN THE EASTERN ARMENIAN TERRITORY, that’s what I meant you mongrel I know the history of “my” Armenia) became mainstream thanks to writers like Khatchatour Abovian who in the 1800’s was the first Armenian writer to use it, yes way before Armenia became communist. Besides with whatever evil they did, Communists did a lot of good too and the modernization of Eastern Armenian in my and the opinions of many millions was one of those good things (since it was not forceful but scientific). My “aghpar” grand parents still use Western Armenian and my grandfather still uses it to write letters, its just he was not lazy and he learned both and never bitched about it. Whenever he wrote a letter to his sister in France he used the Western Armenian, whenever he had to communicate within Armenia he used Eastern Armenian, easy as that. Languages are made NATIONAL so people in that particular country know which language to use in official correspondence. Armenia chose Eastern Armenian, because JUST INTERNALY we have more dialects than we have hair on our heads. If each dialect started writing in their own way YOU would never understand what the other Armenian wants from you. Ever hear Karabakh street talk? Good luck understanding that if you are a diaspora Armenian. Hence we have a unified language so we can communicate easily and be united by that common language. Armenians need as much unity as they can get.

You talk about getting the Western Armenian lands as if I have something against gaining OUR (yes not yours, because you Shoghig are a nothing) lands back. Hey the more the merrier plus WE get access to sea. Remember it was you who insulted Armenian national pride in your first post on our blog not I. Gaining land back is a pretty nationalistic rhetoric Shoghig. It’s just funny when you say that “you” will see “yourself” in Western Armenia tomorrow. If that ever happens, do you think it’s going to be your useless ass and the useless asses of your kind sitting at the negotiation table or it is going to be the diplomats from Republic of Armenia, the entity that the world recognizes as the sole homeland and representative of Armenians on this planet? Are you and the oh so small group of mongrel idiots going to march into Western Armenia and build the infrastructure which the region lacks? NO YOU ARE NOT! It is going to be done under the patronage of Republic of Armenia ( since only a government has the resources and the manpower to annex or get back a territory) with the help from the diaspora, that’s how things are done and always should be done. Judging from your poison talk you are probably also happy that our church is divided in to two parts, in your eyes the job is half way done.

I cant believe that I wasted so many man hours and nerves on a SEPARATIST, SELF HATING, WORM like you. You will never understand what being proud of what and who you are is. It is just very sad that you are going to inject your poison inside the pure minds of those kids that you teach. Thus making your personal hate problem that has no base and no merit their problem. SELFISH and DISGUSTING.


Listen I can tell you a way that some say can guarantee you life in Western Armenia in the very near future. How about you convert to Hinduism, because they believe in reincarnation, then go and get killed for some good cause, then get reincarnated as a GOAT or a SHEEP in the Western Armenia. Since that is what the local Yezdis keep in the current Western Armenian territory goats, sheeps, and cows, oh maybe you should turn into a cow, that will work too.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Genocide Month

So April is upon us and that means a plethora of Genocide Events all over the world. We have more than our fair share here in LA, this weekend we will have over 10 events culminating on Monday with the Protest in front of the Consulate and the Rally in Little Armenia. Although I'm in no way going to be able to attend all of these events, I will attend some on behalf of the Never Again Campaign (I'll pause here for a short digression on what this is).

The Never Again Campaign, a sub-committee under the Armenian fraternity Alpha Epsilon Omega, sells black and red wristbands about the Armenian Genocide (we also sell Lapel pins and t-shirts). All of our proceeds go to organizations that are spreading awareness, education, and recognition about the Armenian Genocide (Zoryan Insitute and Genocide Education Project among others). So please visit our website and support us

Now that I'm done with the shameless plug-in, back to Genocide Events. The sheer number of them forces me to say that most are just a waste of time and resources. I hate to be blunt about this, but what is the point of commemorating the Armenian Genocide if it isn't recognized? These events largely preach to the choir. However, there are some events that are quite informative, such as the one tonight at the United Community Church. Ragip Zarakolu, a Turkish scholar who recognizes the Armenian Genocide, will be speaking. So I guess not all are bad, and more events mean more opportunites for the Never Again campaign to sell our products.

Of course, the big one is on Monday with the protest and the rally; should be quite interesting. I'll be at the protest selling Never Again merchandise, so I hope to see a good turnout. I'm sure now that I'm advertising it on my blog the millions of readers will flock just to see me there (sarcasm). Seriously though, having the community come together is nice to see, hope this weekend goes well for all.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


So beautiful yet so sad and telling of the unfortunate real estate situation in New York. Brooklyn has been the recent home for the artists of New York who fled Manhattan due to the high price real estate. For years they have been able to earn a living in much cheaper Brooklyn. Yet now even this neighborhood is coming under attack. Slowly but surely, land is being bought up by businesses and overtaking Brooklyn. It was quite ironic seeing this, as I was walking through the underdeveloped streets of Greenpoint I suddenly would come across a designer store; a sign of things to come. In probably a year Brooklyn will be bought up and developed.

There is a really interesting area of Brooklyn just west of Greenpoint and on the waterfront across from Manhattan. It a sort of junkyard/old dock that is largely deserted all but the few people that visit the area to relax. I went right on the short and sat down with my friend overlooking Manhattan. For such a secluded place, it is quite beautiful, and it’s a shame that it’s being threatened by the real estate developers.

We then went to the Hassidic Jew community just under the Williamsburg Bridge. I have to say, I have never seen a community quite like this one. All of them dress uniformly and usually have one or two strollers with them. Aside from the physical features, their behavior is remarkable. They all avoid eye contact and they appear to always be in a hurry. It’s as if they only come out when they have too.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Georgia Acting Stupid....Again

The newly established special commission created in the patriarchy of Georgian Orthodox Church is aimed at proving the necessity of passing six Armenian churches located in the Northern regions of Armenia to the ownership of Georgia. The decision on the creation of such a committee is viewed in Yerevan as a deliberate provocation, which can have political consequences with a negative impact on Armenian-Georgian relations.(
Georgian Church makes claim to ARMENIAN churches located in REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA (Tavush and Lori regions), based on a united Georgia map of 1918 created by Georgian Mensheviks. At the time though Georgian government had something called a brain and did not make any claims to those teritories.
The new government lacks a brain, and when in these types of situations (Georgians vs Armenians) we usually see a "Russian trace", this time it was purely Georgian, no Russian hand in this one. I beleive this could be an answer for the growing separatsim of the Javahk Armenians, but it is also important to remember why those separation claims got a rise; Georgians started taking over Armenian churches.
I hope that Georgians will wake up soon and see what they are doing is not beneficial neither to them nor to us. I dont think that we Armenians need to demand Javahk's separation (the situation is not that bad), we do not need and cant afford to have such a conflict with another neighbor, but what we can do is to ask Georgia to get its brain together and act as a brother nation.
Military wise Armenia can take over Georgia many times over, plus Osetins and Abkhaz will be more than happy to help, but why go to extremes when the whole situation can be avoided if Georgia just shows some respect to its own citizens who happen to be Armenian? That is all Armenians want, just some respect.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New York-2

Ok now that I have some more time to gather my thoughts I'll write more on the events on this past week.

Saturday-Raining. Luckily there was a conference, Armenians and the Left,
So I went and saw a lot of old friends that I made while I was interning in Armenia this past summer. It was the happiest I felt in a long time and a great welcome to New York. I got my book signed by Robert Fisk, and sat through some lectures, met new people, and just hung out.

Sunday-Went to South Sea Port, Ground Zero. Said goodbye to my friends who were visiting, then went to Central Park. That night I met up with my old roomate in Armenia and another friend from my stay in the homeland.

Monday-Spent all day with an ole' friend from Armenia. Went to Washington Square Park, had some great pie at the Union Square Farmer's Market, then went to Brooklyn (I'll write about Brooklyn in more detail).

Today-Tuesday-Went to the United Nations, sat in the General Assembly hall, snuck around a bit, then started the Model UN conference. I'll go back to these topics in more detail in the near future.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Arman you should have more faith in me that I can figure out how to get internet access. I don't have too much time, but here's list of my thoughts:
-New York is great
-There was no Security Council available for Hungary
-Varty is cool
-Seeing old friends is cool

Friday, April 07, 2006

Hello dear readers I just want to inform you that Levon is in New York right now. He flew out today in the morning and should already be there, if he figures out how to turn on his laptop he will most probably post here, lets wish him good luck and safe return.
He is in the Big apple to participate in model UN, that's the UN that does not have any real powers and is pretty much useless, wait that kinda reminds me of the real UN. Levon is the Hungarian representative and he is on the committee dealing with female issues. He chose that over the Security Council, which of course does not have any real powers but at least the discussed topics are way more interesting.
Ooooooooo I am going to get some flack from the feminists, yet Levon knows that I am just yanking him.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well people I did not post for a while now, but an issue came up that needed the immediate attention of all Armenians. I don’t know how familiar the US Armenians are with an annual European music competition called Eurovision, but let me tell you that in all of Europe people anticipate it in nearly the same way that they anticipate Olympic games. Well in the first time in its history Armenia got qualified to participate in this event, and we are the ONLY trans Caucasian republic that got qualified, so you can imagine the jealousy of Azeris and the Georgians. Armenia will be represented by a young and very talented and very famous Andre (originally from Nagorno Karabakh Republic). Levon knows that I am not a person who gives out compliments very often, but this guy is really talented and a very good person and he deserved this position.

Each country’s representative is chosen through a national vote on a sponsoring TV station, and in Armenian’s case the sponsor (thank you God) was non other than Armenian National Television’s Channel One (HH1). This means that an Armenian artist got his back covered by our own government, a step in a very good direction. So you say, what is the problem, shouldn’t we all be happy and wish the best to Andre and hope that he wins? The answer is obvious to normal people, but we are Armenian, we never have easy and obvious answers, we are WAY too special.

It seems that some people in Armenia are just selfish, self righteous, assholes with a lot of time in their hands. Armenian parliament’s MAJORITY LEADER complained about the Armenianness of the song and brought this issue up in the PARLIAMENT (yes that’s the place in Armenia where mafia bos...errr deputies come to slee…. I am sorry to work). He thinks that Andre is not a good candidate for this and that his song is more Uzbeki than Armenian. Other mongrel idiots from all layers of our society also decided to voice their “expert” opinion on this issue. The situation got so bad that there was a whole TV debate on this issue. The opponents of the song pointed out many things, starting from how the singer looks, where he is from, how his English accent is bad, ending with comparing the song to Mongol-Uzbeki rhythms.

One guy, looking like a dork, was saying (even wrote an article) that the song should be more Armenian and that it sounds Turkish. Well apparently duduk, cochari, zurna, canon, and camancha are not Armenian enough and I guess he does not know that Turks STOLE MOST of what they have from their neighbors. What these people don’t understand is that Armenia is a Europe within the East and East within Europe. So our music, especially pop music, the one that Eurovision viewers want to see and hear (the vast amounts of international viewers, especially the youth, don’t give a flying fuck about others’ ethnic music) , needs to reflect that. So what that the music has some Eastern influences, we are partly an Eastern culture. Eurovision is youth oriented, as much as I love Dle Yaman, we cant stand there and perform it, because most of the audience will be bored. Every competition has its style, Eurovision kind of requires an upbeat music with a young performer.

I think these people are just plain stupid, poisonous ass holes, looking for that “15 minutes of fame”. I don’t know, maybe it was one of the other performers that felt jealous and started rumors, but rumors don’t become public debate, actions of politicians do. How carefree is the majority leader of the parliament that he decided to tackle this “problem”? I think that this is not a question for the parliament. They should come up with ways to boost our economy, not bad mouth Armenian talent.

I want to make one point very, very clear; THESE ACTIONS HURT OUR IMAGE AND OUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Imagine how Andre feels right now, his own people bashing him for no apparent reason. It is like sending troops into a battle and saying oh yeah BTW you guys are going to die because the armament and the equipment that you have is inadequate and when you die you will be buried as traitors, good luck with that battle.
If the song was horrible the critics would say that it is, but that’s the problem for them, its not and that’s why they are after little crap, we call it “PITNO BRNEL”.

I will provide the links to the video and audio of the song, you be the judge, I believe that it is good enough to present to Eurovision and I believe its good enough to win the first place.

BTW while our politicians and “experts” are trying to destroy this guy and put down our name, Azeris are busy at work. Azeri FM asked Eurovision to remove Andre’s bio because it mentioned that the singer was born in Nagorno Karabakh Republic, Azeris say there is no such thing. Also Azeri hackers hacked Andre’s site and put Khojaly “massacre” pictures there in a pitiful act of false propaganda.

I personally wish Andre the best and may he come home victorious.