Friday, April 07, 2006

Hello dear readers I just want to inform you that Levon is in New York right now. He flew out today in the morning and should already be there, if he figures out how to turn on his laptop he will most probably post here, lets wish him good luck and safe return.
He is in the Big apple to participate in model UN, that's the UN that does not have any real powers and is pretty much useless, wait that kinda reminds me of the real UN. Levon is the Hungarian representative and he is on the committee dealing with female issues. He chose that over the Security Council, which of course does not have any real powers but at least the discussed topics are way more interesting.
Ooooooooo I am going to get some flack from the feminists, yet Levon knows that I am just yanking him.


NOT IN MY NAME / Anarchistian said...

Abris Levon for picking female issues instead of SC. :P

Varty said...

yay for levon and feminism.
you could learn a thing from him arman.

ps: we missed you in NY this weekend

Arman said...
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Arman said...

Booooo on feminism too extreme for my taste