Sunday, July 09, 2006

We Have a Winner!!!!

(Penalty FRANCE 3:5 ITALY)

Well after 64 matches the World found their new soccer champion....Italy. IT was an intense game that went into the 30 minute extention period, where no goals were scored and thus the game was decided by penalty kicks. France's chances of winning this game could have been much higher if Zidane did not act like a mongrel idiot and did not hit the Italian player on the chest with his head; apparently because the Italian said something derogatory towards him. No one yet knows what was exchanged verbally between those two, but I am sure whatever it was it was not worth to screw your own team on the World Cup final game; that's what Zidane did.

Zidane received a red card and was kicked out of the game, rightfully so, that kind of behavior has no place in soccer. Zidane disappointed millions of people and he backstabbed his own team and nation with his selfish action, hence he stayed in the locker room when his team was receiving their second place medals. Not a good way to go into retirement for a soccer legend.

I, like many Armenians that I spoke with, was crossing fingers for both of the teams, and whatever the result I was going to be happy. Not counting Zidane's idiocy this was a great and memorable game. Lets hope Armenia will make it into the 2010 World Cup.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Armenia To Export Oil?!

Yup, thats right....or is it?
Well according to Transeuroenergy Corp. of Canada our beloved country has the potential to export oil. The Canadian company firmly beleives this because of the amount of the oil that our neighbors have (if they have it why shouldn't Armenia logic), and because the idea that Armenia might have oil is not a new one at all. During the 1970's Soviets tried to find new oil spots in Armenia but it was not done for economic gain but for ecological, hence the budget was small and the program was cancelled. Americans too were looking for oil in Armenia in the late 90's, and the only reason they stopped was because the owner of the comapany died.

Now people imagine if we have oil (also TRY to imagine that our government does not screw this one up..I know it is hard), things will be good for Armenia VERY, VERY good. The experts say that even if they dont find oil in Armenia (Armavir region mainly) they are sure that we will have natural gas (this is easier to extract), which is still very good for our budget. Armenia is a small country if such oppurtunities arrise and if they are managed right, I do not see why Armenia cant be the next Qatar or Kuweit. The only down side to this will be the environmental issue, but lets be honest here, from the winter of 1992 Armenia stopped caring for its environment. Maybe the money from the oil can be used to make Armenia cleaner.

I am very excited about this, the oppurtunities will be endless for our little country. No poor people, well equiped schools, new TOYS for our boys in the military, kick ass healthcare, you name it.