Saturday, December 16, 2006

No Resolution to Karabakh conflict before 2007 vote

Recent article on here:

Kocharian rules out a resolution to the peace talks until the parliamentary votes in 2007.

While some may see this as Kocharian covering his ass, I see this as a shrewd move not only for him but for Armenia.

Being at the negotiating table is tough as nails. Not only do you have to appease the opposing side, but you also have to please the people (something that Ter-Petrossian failed to do that lead to his resignation). And let's not forget appeasing the Minsk Group while the international community is watching the process.

Aliyev does the same thing, so should every politician, you can't let an issue like this be used as leverage by your political opponents. It'll disrupt things at home and abroad.

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Arman said...

Ter-Petrosyan was a traitor and his time came when nearly gave all what our people fought for back, good thing even his people saw this and told him its "time to say goodbye".
Kocharian is no less of a traitor and he also wants to give some lands back. I understand this, although as an Armenian it is tough for me that we as victors, who started the war on a defensive, have to give any extra land back, that our brothers died for, BUT FOR SAKE of compromise I am OK with it, IF AND ONLY IF those lands do not include LACHIN. Thats the problem though since Kocharian wants to give Lachin too and have PEACE KEEPERS (for now from unspecified country and org), this is what Azeris want since if this happens it will be just a question of time untill they choke Karabakh into submission since Lachin IS THE ONLY CONNECTION BETWEEN ARMENIA MAIN AND ARTZAKH.

But what about the Peace Keepers and the international community you ask? They surely wont let this happen! Oh I say, lets remember Kosovo, the peace keepers did nothing to prevent the utter destruction of Serbian sites and the violence upon Serbs. Oh and the international community is dead silent on the 16 year blockade of Armenia by Turks and Azeris, what makes anybody think that they will do anything serious to Azeris if they choke Karabakh into submission!