Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Armenians together

This is my first blog in DC, I arrived yesterday and got to know everybody. Quite a diverse group of armenians, a few from Los, a good group from michigan, and some hayastanzees. Being that there were Armenians who spoke western, eastern, turkish, or not at all, it was very interesting seeing everything merge into one good group. That being said, I feel quite torn.. growing up speaking western I'm accustomed to speaking as soon as I see an Armenian.. but now I found myself being happy to speak Eastern as soon as I saw a couple of hayastanzees. I have to admit my time in Armenia and me living in LA really has made an impact on me. I introduced some of the midwesterners to Armenchik, Hayasa, and Hay Tgek and they loved it. Yes I am emphasizing the differences between Armenians, but there is a silver lining here.. here's a group of very diverse Armenians coming together and sharing what makes them Armenian. For me, it's living in LA after coming staying in Armenia, even though I am western by origin. I've come to realize a long time ago that there the differences between western and eastern and meaningless, and my experiences so far have reinforced this.. I just hope that nothing will come in the way of us being united as there has so many times in the past.


Arman said...

Ey you forgot to mention you biggest influence with the Eastern Armenian.......ME!!!!
And BTW you are NOT a Western Armenian nor you are an Armenian or A PERSON AT ALL. You are a alien military project that failed horribly and they just kicked your ass to planet Earth. Even here yo are a horrible failure:)

Levon said...

arman where are you man, i need you here to talk to these armos

Anonymous said...

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