Monday, June 26, 2006

Weeeeee.New ACTION Film Out

Well yesterday I learned that a new action film based on Karabakh War came out in Armenia and Artzakh. Well I KNEW that this film is going to come out, in fact I was waiting for this film to come out for 2 years already. Finally it is here, and it seems that the audiances are loving it.

I am sure you heard about the Armenian "action hero" Gor Vardanyan, the guy who made 3 action flicks mostly using his karate school's trainees as actors and as stuntsmen. This fourth film has the highest budget yet at 3.6 million US Dollars. It also has a deeper story that explores one of the most important episodes of Armenian history, The Karabakh Conflict. While I like Gor's last two films for their true depiction of today's Armenia, I was hoping that this one will truly out perform the others; and it seems that it only did that partially.

As of yet I did not see the film myself just read reviews here and there, but it seems that two of the biggest problems in the Gor's movie's are still present; his acting and the use of prosumer tape equipment instead of a goof old film camera (or at least a good HD pro cam). His acting REALLY needs to improve and they REALLY have to try to shoot their movies on film (I know I know it is more expensive and harder to edit bla bla bla...etc).

Other than this I am dying to see this film myself. I hear people applauded the film when it was shown in Yerevan, and that gives me hopes. In you my dear readers should watch it ALSO. More updates to come when I ACTUALLY SEE THE FILM.


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