Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Andy & Tata

I am not particularly fond of Andy's music, but he has this one song, "Ameneh," which I can't get out of my head. Not to dismiss Andy or his fans, but the song is so wacky that it's hilarious. I remember he was having a concert in Yerevan when I was there last summer, but I didn't go. His posters were everywhere, with the classic Andy pose. You know, his hands on his hips, wearing all white for some reason, with ANDY in huge letters printed right above his head. I think they even had fireworks at his concert, but I'm not sure.

On to another Armenian singer, the great Tata. Ok, I'm not that much of a Tata fan either, but when I heard that he is having a concert in LA in late April, I decided that I had to go. Imagine, all the Armenians from Glendale flocking toward one place, it would be quite an experience. I wonder, would Arman consider going? He isn't in to the Armenian music; New Age is more of his thing, I bet if Yanni was having a concert he would run there and get his autograph (not to say Yanni is bad, either). Anyways, I'm sure Tata would feel right at home in LA, he should even stay at the Glendale Hilton and walk (or better yet, drive) on the streets of Glenoaks, Broadway, and Brand. What a sight that would be.


Hrug said...

Hey - I want to see Tata too!

Arman said...

Hey what the hell Levon? I like Tata, actually he is a very good artist. And I am into ARmenian music, but not into RABIZ type. I like to listen to patriotic type.

Also big fan of Ara Gevorkyan

BTW Yanni I hear got arrested for domestic violence...calm and peaceful my ass

Beta Nahapetian said...

We are hosting the ARS (Armenian Relief Society) Eastern Regional Convention in July 2007 in Washington DC. We are going to have a dance on July 14. I was wondering if TATA will find it in his heart to come and be the singer in that event. We sure cannot afford him, but maybe he will think about it and do it for charity. How do I contact him to beg him to accept?

leenadavidyan said...

Tata sucks. Disgusting music---totally not likeable. I am sick to my stomach when I hear him and see the other clowns like Armenchick and Assdryn ARABIC crap