Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring Break and the News

A premature Spring break has begun for me as I finished my first and last final exam today (spanish test). I merely had to turn in papers for my other classes, so now I'm free to do whatever I want (aka boredom). I watched Do the Right Thing today, which was a birthday gift from a good friend of mine. Really good movie, I'll spare you the review though. I spent my birthday yesterday eating out with another good friend and afterwards went to see Brokeback Mountain (again.. not movie review.. sorry). So until this weekend I'll take it easy, I fly out to Berkeley on Saturday and will return next Tuesday.

Interesting thing happened today at school. After my final I decided to kill some time on campus in order to avoid the traffic going home (didn't do anything, there was still traffic on the way back), so I went into the campus bookstore to check out my books for next quarter. I walked across a discount bookstand and saw a copy of The Record of the Paper: How the New York Times Misrepresents US Foreign Policy. My sister refered me to the book, and I was pleased to see it on sale in a campus bookstore (I am not particularly fond of the NY times, LA times, or any other mainstream American media for that matter). But what surprised me was the price tag on the book, it was marked down to 92 cents.... that's right... a book for 92 cents!!!!! I became quite upset that a book of that magnitude would reduced to less than a dollar, a sign that people, students in fact, aren't interested. Of course I bought the book, took it home, and gave it to my sister, who was also surprised to see the price tag. Such a shame that news is twisted in the mainstream media. There are independent sources of media, however. One of my favorites is Link TV, they offer a wide range of news, documentaries, and presentations on various world issues. So I'll take my time here to urge everybody to take a break from the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC, CBS, and take a look at what Link TV has to offer:


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Hrug said...

I should've gotten you Atlas Shrugged for your b-day. I think you would've liked it, A LOT.