Thursday, March 09, 2006


So it's my birthday on Monday, going to celebrate it with a couple of friends. I hope to celebrate in New York as well, it would be great since I would be reuiniting with my friends from Armenia. I haven't really celebrated birthdays before with my friends.. ok so there was this one time when I turned 10 I had a birthday party at a bowling alley (hey.. I was ten). Had the whole birthday cake, gifts, etc..
I'm not planning on celebrating my birthday like that any time soon, now it's the typical going out for dinner type of thing. The best part about it is going to be, again, my friends.

Other news, school is going extremely easy all of a sudden, I only have one final to take, which is so odd. I think this may have been the easiest quarter in my undergraduate career, which is nice, I think I need an easy quarter for a change. Arman, on the other hand, is completely swamped with finals, presentations, and programming work, so he is on hiatus for a while. I went to bug him anyways today at the computer lab, watched online videos of russian special forces, exchanged some arguments, shook hands, then left.

My lone final is a day after my birthday, and the Saturday after that I'm taking off to good old San Francisco (actually Berkeley). I'm only going to spend 3 days there, but I am still looking forward to it. That would be about two weeks prior to my New York trip, so altogether I'll have close to a month of taking it easy (not a bad deal huh?).


Arman said...

"I haven't really celebrated birthdays before with my friends.."

Yeah Levon thats because YOU dont have any friends

Arman said...

BTW dont we get just a week off from school?

christian said...

Levon, I am so excited that you have your own blog! Maybe you would allow a contribution once in a while from one of us east-coast Armenians. (it would add a new dimension of East-West!) Anyways, I can't wait until we go to NYC!