Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back from San Francisco

I arrived today from my 4 day San Francisco trip; it was a really good getaway. The city itself is quite small when compared to LA, but the transportation is so much more convenient. I spent some time in Oakland as well, even the ghetto of Oakland. I saw some pretty interesting (and shady) things there. I'm glad I got out that situation, but I'm also glad that I saw it, that I wasn't sheltered away from it. There's a lot of shadiness in the Bay Area, from Oakland, to Berkeley, and in SF (bums walking the streets). I am not in any way deriding the Bay Area by pointing out its faults, there's a lot of that garbage in LA too. However, it was a sort of reality check that I saw those aspects. I hate to limit myself to only one side of anything; I'd rather immerse myself with whatever I am dealing with, and I see it being reflected in my travelling. With that said, I am interested in how I will approach New York. I'm bound to run into the not so nice areas of the city, and I hope I can appreciate it while not denouncing it.

I didn't see any remnants of the Armenian community in the Bay area, but then again that may have been because I wasn't looking to hard for it. However, I did see a testament to Armenia joining the United Nations (The UN was pretty much drafted in SF in 1945). It's nice to see traces of Armenia around you.

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Anoushig Aghchig said...

Just found your blog- there is a sizable Armenian community in the Bay Area. There is even an Armenian day school right on the southern outskirts of SF. The churches in Oakland and Silicon Valley (Cupertino) aren't huge, but are quite active and welcoming!