Saturday, March 04, 2006

Missiles Aimed At Azeri Oil Facilities

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
March 3 2006

Baku, March 2, AssA-Irada -- A foreign expert has said
there are
missiles in Upper (Nagorno) Garabagh, Azeri region
under Armenian
occupation, that target oil facilities in Azerbaijan.

"The SCAD-B type rockets aim at oil fields, pipelines
and refineries
in Azerbaijan, which could bring about a disaster,"
Austrian Strategic
Research Center's military expert Martin Marek has
told Swedish press.

Marek said the weaponry was sold to Armenia by Russia
in 1993-1996.

He did not rule out that Armenian military forces are
in Upper Garabagh.

The analyst went on to say that the current "de-facto
status of Upper Garabagh" is actually reinforced by
every dollar
invested in Azerbaijan by Western companies. "Official
Baku is also
aware that if the war resumes, these companies will
freeze their
investments in the country." Marek noted, however,
that Azerbaijan
is directing its oil revenues to bolstering its
military power, and
is thus seeking to solve the long-standing dispute
through military

Dear visitors this is nothing new. Azerbaijan will not attack Armenia since the second it does, the Baku-Jehran pipeline will be destroyed by the Armenian armed forces. This is not permissible to BP which put its millions to build the pipeline. That is why Azeris can threaten as much as they want to, the "big boys" (US, Europe, Russia, and Iran) don't want this conflict to resume, and Azerbaijan is not strong enough and never will be to go against these powers' wishes. Yes they can buy new weaponry more easily with their oil dollars, but new weapons are not the only thing that they need. They also need a dedicated and motivated fighting force, which they lack.
This does not mean that we, Armenians should sit on our hands and wait. We need to work our buts off to get our economy up and running and get as much investments as possible. This not only will raise our populations backing of their government, but also will help us purchase better weaponry.

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