Monday, March 06, 2006


Ok so a night after the Oscars, I started to rethink what happened, and I have to say, the Academy has really disappointed me with its pick of Crash instead of Brokeback Mountain as Best Picture. It just goes to show you that the Academy is homophobic. Yes, I said it. They didn't want to give it to a gay movie so they gave it to crash. Up until the Academy Awards, brokeback was without a doubt the frontrunner; it won all the pre cursor awards, it made the most money, loved by critics (while Crash received more mixed reviews), it was one of the more recent movies to come out (while crash came out in last summer/early fall).

Hollywood went the safe way and gave it to a movie about racism, but they were 17 years too late. In 1989 Spike Lee made a movie about racism, "Do the Right Thing." While I haven't seen the movie, this film was hailed by critics, but got completely snubbed at the oscars. Not only did it not win, anything, it was only nominated for two oscars, best supporting actor and best original screenplay. No director, no motion picture.

Now, 15 years later, they give it to a film about racism and the director is white, the writers are white, while they snubbed a black director (not too many of them when compared to white directors). Granted there were black actors, and Terrence Howard was nominated for hustle and flow (three six mafia even won for their song) but I'm sorry, if Hollywood truly wanted to make a statement, they would have given it to Brokeback, just like they would have given it to Spike Lee. Yes I'm playing the race card, but when was the last time a black director was nominated for the academy awards?

George Clooney, when he was giving his acceptance speech, talked about how glad he is to be "out of touch" by being in Hollywood, that is; stressing how only celebrities talk about important social issues. After what happened with best picture, I'm sorry, but Clooney's praise of Hollywood is unfounded.


Arman said...

Yeah Levon,

I was not happy that Crash won, but I was happy that Brokeback lost.
You can call me whatever you want, but Crash is YET ANOTHER RACISM MOVIE (please stop making them) and Brokeback is a nice way to show how normal gay love is. Which I think is not, its not normal, period. They can love each other as much as they want to and they can present it as nice as they want to, I dont want that kind of propaganda spread around, but I think its kinda too late since a gay guy can make fun of me at school of how hairy I am but when I come back with a gay joke, I am threatened by a disciplinary action. After this film, Mr. Lee's Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon gets a whole anther meaning

I think Munich was the movie that deserved an Oscar. Yes it was kind of one sided, and the sex scenes were used outof context, but it had a much more useful and a realistic messege

Anonymous said...

Are you gay?
It's ok you can come out now...

Anonymous said...

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