Friday, March 03, 2006

Laptop and Fisk

In preparation for my future travelling, I purchased a laptop today. Going high tech after falling out of the technology loop for years has been interesting, there are so many new features that I just found out about (Arman on the other hand is a computer nerd). I'm glad I got it though, I can practically take my whole life with me (pics, movies, wireless internet) wherever I go.

Ever since committing to the model UN team at my school, I have been very attentive to international news. In addition to the various sources I read online, I recently started in on Robert Fisk's latest book, The Great War for Civilization. For those who don't know, Fisk is the preeminent journalist in the Middle East. He has covered the region for over 30 years, including the Iranian Revolution, The Lebanese Civil War, Afganistan, Iraq. He even interviewed Osama Bin Laden three times. His new book is around 1000 pages, and full of information as he chronicles his journeys throughout the Middle East. It also includes a chapter on the Armenian Genocide, which I have yet to reach (I barely put a dent into it, not even 100 pages in). Fisk also talks about the poor state of journalism, how the mainstream media does not provide adequate coverage on the world (sort of on the lines of Noam Chomsky). Fisk is straight shooter, I'm sure even Arman would like him, even though Arman has no faith in western media... or the west in general. I'll keep reading my book and post updates.


Varty said...

Robert Fisk will be speaking in NYC for that conference "Armenians and the Left" from April 7-9th, which i think i'm going to go to. It will be amazing to hear him speak.

Levon said...

Yes I will be there too. He came to speak at our school, he's very good, but I didn't get my book signed, so hopefully I can get it signed there.