Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New York and a joke...

Early on in April I will be going to New York for 9 days. My university has a model united nations team and the annual conference is going to take place in the big apple. I have been looking forward to this for a long time, I have a good group of friends on the east coast who will be meeting me there.
Last time I was on the east coast was when I was about 10 years old; my family went to D.C. for a week. I will be returning to D.C. this summer for two months, and combined with this trip to New York I hope to get at least a hint of how the east coast Armenians run things. I have to admit I'll be missing my hayastantsi and parskahayes (I'm under the assumption that the only place in the western hemisphere that contains the three branches of Armos is LA), but I'm sure the east coast will have its unique taste.

Anyways, while we are on the topic of Armenians in LA, I heard this joke that I can't get out of my head for a week now:

So an Armenian is driving his pimped/rabized out mercedes on Glenoaks and he pulls over when he pulls over to park on the street so he can go buy some cigarettes. He opens his door and all of a sudden a huge big rig comes and slams into his car, tearing off the door. He calls the police and starts complaining on how the car will never be the same again, and the cop says: "You Armenians are so materialistic, you don't even realize that the truck that took of your door also took off your entire arm." The Armenian quickly turns to where his arm was and says in astonishment: "Oh Shit, my ROLEX!"
That's all for now

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