Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am Happy-Kinda

Yeah Levon,
I was not happy that Crash won, but I was happy that Brokeback lost. You can call me whatever you want, but Crash is YET ANOTHER RACISM MOVIE (please stop making them) and Brokeback is a nice way to show how normal gay love is. Which I think is not, its not normal, period.

They can love each other as much as they want to and they can present it as nice as they want to, I don't want that kind of propaganda spread around, but I think its kind of too late since a gay person can make fun of me at school of how hairy I am but when I come back with a gay joke, I am threatened by a disciplinary action. After this film, Mr. Lee's Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon gets a whole another meaning.

I think Munich was the movie that deserved an Oscar. Yes it was kind of one sided, and the sex scenes were used out of context, but it had a much more useful and a realistic message, how governments operate.

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