Sunday, March 05, 2006


I'm sitting at home watching the Academy Awards right now, and I have to say, this year's selection of movies is pretty good. It was quite an upset when Crash won, since everybody thought Brokeback would win. However, the movie that caught my interest the most is Capote, I must see it soon. However, the Awards are full of montages of past movies that have been catching my interest now too. Then there are the lesser known foreign movies that I've been wanting to see for a while (City of God, Paradise Now).

Living in Los Angeles I suppose I'm naturally inclined to have an interest in not only movies, but in Hollywood in general. Movies can be a double edged sword for me. There are always the poor ones, that are pretty much a waste of time. Then there are the blockbusters, that may a lot of money but are seldom thought provoking. Then there are the good movies, ones that have a message, good plots, acting, and score. These are the movies that get the audience to think, and ones I highly value.

Seven Samurai is perhaps my favorite movie. Directed by Japanese film legend Akira Kurosawa. Of the more recent films, Motorcycle Diaries is a special one for me; particularly the focus on Latin America. Then there are the Armenian movies that I have yet to see, like the Mehr Baks. I have to get my hands on these (it's a trilogy), and the Karabagh war videos. These examples of why movies are made, and I'm glad there is an institution such as the Academy to recognize these movies in the face of blockbuster hits (though I'm not always a fan of the Academy) and though we all have differences, if the public would take the time to see more of these good movies, the film industry would greatly benefit.


Varty said...

ok so you must tell me...what are the good armenian movies that i should watch and where do i find them. i've always wanted to watch armenian films, but never have, but mainly because i don't know about them.

So Levon jan...enlighten me.

Levon said...


Tania said...

Go watch "arachin siro yerke", "harsnatsoon hyusisits", "kovkassi geruhin"
that one is awesome. Hope that helps, also you must watch "Vodka Lemon", though it was directed by a Kurd, it takes place in an Armenian village, and it gives you a great view of how it is to live in an Armenian village after the fall of Communism.